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22 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. Matt Derriere Reply

    Did you use a program to design this website? It looks fantastic! I applaud your commitment.

  2. Hugh Janus Reply

    As a satisfied aNUstarter, I can assert that this program really works! I once was falling behind in life, stuck in a hole I couldn’t squeeze out of. I tried every crackpot scheme to rectify my position. Then my analrapist suggested aNUstart. aNUstart taught me to turn the other cheek, crack on through sticky situations, and embrace the man inside of me. aNUstart: get behind it to get ahead.

  3. Steve Mashington Reply

    Wow. Just wow. I had no idea how much I was going to love aNUstart. Every day it was the same: waking up at the crack of dawn, and walking out the back door of life into confusion. Dr. Bhole is a soft and gentle soul, helping to ease the release of pent up energy into the world. As soon as he plugged his patented “ANAL” system, I knew there would be nothing holding me back from escaping the tunnel I was so desperately trying to exit, into what I can only describe as a pool whirling joy – this thing we call life. Anil – thank you, from the bottom of my torso.

  4. Alan Brito Reply

    This method made me blue myself. I remember hitting rock bottom when I started assisting the method one clinic. And then I found this great analrapist with a group of like-minded folks. there are dozens of us dozens!

  5. George Oscar Bluth Reply

    This website finally gave me the courage to let the man inside of me out.

    Now he says he wants to go home and he wants money for an Uber. I don’t know what I expected.

  6. Hermano Loblaw Reply

    This program was a great help! It felt that my inner engine had loose seals. After the program with Dr Bhole (or Budd as we grew to call him), my bakery business grew ten folds. Treats & Tarts is running well after I committed myself from top to bottom to the anustart program. Watch out world, cause I’m blowing every kid’s little pickle of brain with awesome treats. Even pop-pops can get some!

  7. Reply

    I was here! Trying to get a solution to my failing music career. I keep getting hate mail. Like from this ass: “No one cares what you think, no one cares about your shitty music, you’re not special, f**k off, i hate you, go f**k yourself. You went to f**king beauty school, thats the definition of ” i have no skills, interest, or ability to do anything decent with my life””
    What a bum!

  8. Phil McCrackin Reply

    I wanted to go deep and achieve my dream of reaching the furthest depths of the ocean. This program help immensely.

  9. Dick Assman Reply

    Join us. Get aNUstart in life. It sure helped me. Every morning, I’d go to my tedious job of pinching loaves at the bakery, while my boss– always turtlenecked– would yell at me to push harder. I just felt that my life had become all stopped up. Finally, I got up the nerve to flush it all away and aNUstart helped me accomplish that– no streaks left behind. Thank you, aNUstart. Thank you.

  10. Bkowme Reply

    Anus Tart? Doesn’t sound very appealing! Maybe Turd Pie — no how about S**t Sandwich… Hmmmm…

  11. Mister Manager Reply

    I’m overflowing with excitement! I’m just worried about the costs… i mean, i could probably take on a small number, but if i’m suddenly penetrated by a large bill, i might choke on it…

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